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INTRODUCTION – 3D Visualisation

Is that a photograph?

The realism of 3D graphics enables us to visualise anything, from product packaging to exhibition displays, only our minds can limit us to all the possibilities.

With over 10 years experience creating 3D models for our clients, we’ve honed our skills to meet the most demanding of briefs. We build all our models from the polygon up, adding textures and lighting to the virtual environment to achieve an ultra realistic final render, most of the time indisguisable from a photograph.

3D MODELING – 3D Visualisation

What can we create

As mentioned above, there are endless possibilities to creating images in 3D. Below is just an idea of what we get involved with.


By sending us your artwork or concept idea, we are able to visualise it in 3D within a couple of hours as oppose to taking days with a photographic studio. This is great if you have a new design and a strict deadline where a photograph does not exist.


Sometimes photography does not work for your products. Using 3D, we can create the perfect environment to truly show-off your product at its best. And best off all, we can export your product to any image size or format.


We’ve worked on a number of different architectural projects to visualise concepts and new builds for our clients. From the Exbury Egg below to advertising boards for new housing developments.


Not only can we help design your exhibition stand artwork, we can also show you what the final result would look like before suppling artworks to your stand manufacture. This is perfect for that final approval.

BENEFITS – 3D Visualisation

The Benefits of 3D Visualisation

Prior Packaging Production

Test your product or packaging designs, print layout and brand look and feel without going to the expense of manufacturing samples.

Pre-Launch Marketing

Our 3D Visualisations are so good that people will think they are images of the actual items. This means you can start your marketing without waiting for production to catch up.

Better than Photography

3D visualisation has many advantages over photography. It presents a consistent image with no imperfections and is often less expensive than photography.

OUTPUTS – 3D Visualisation

3D Outputs

We can export 3D renders in a number of different formats to suit your marketing needs. These can be deployed on your website, App or in print.

Export Options:

  • Layered Photoshop Files
  • JPEG Images
  • Transparent PNGs
  • Adobe PDFs
  • Animated GIFs
  • MP4 Videos
  • Quicktime 360


" If you want something you never had, you have to do something you've never done! "

PRICES – 3D Visualisation


Each project has its own unique requirements, so as a guideline, we have put together some sample prices below.


from £50

Includes 3D model making and one high-res rendered image. Discounts apply on mulitple orders.


from £280

Includes 3D model making and 4 high-res rendered images.


from £560

Includes 3D model making, one high-res rendered image and 360 degree animation video. 

CALL BACK – 3D Visualisation

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