Stop Photographing your Products!


What is 3D Packaging?

For example, we can take your artwork and create a three dimensional image instead of photographing it.

The realism of 3D graphics enables you to visualise and advertise your new/exsisting product before/after production, thereby creating the demand and boosting brand awareness.

Fast Reproduction

Fast Reproduction


By sending us your artwork, we are able to visualise it in 3D within a couple of hours as oppose to taking days with a photographic studio. This is great if you have a new design and a strict deadline where a photograph does not exist for advertisement.



The process is straightforward. We take your original artwork and use specialised 3D graphics software to create an accurate representation of the packaging. This is then supplied to you in any number of formats from JPEGs to PNGs or fully layered Photoshop files in any size.

The Benefits of 3D Packaging
1. Prior Production

1. Prior Production

Initially, it enables you to establish optimum designs and print layout prior to production, allowing you to determine which packaging options fit best with your or your clients branding and how it’s likely to look once actually manufactured.
2. Pre-launch Marketing

2. Pre-launch Marketing

But whilst it helps to refine the design process, the benefits don’t stop there. Prior to production, the images are fantastic for pre-launch marketing. They can be used as immediate marketing tools, without the need to wait for packaging realisation.
3. Better than Photography

3. Better than Photography

Even after manufacture, 3D packaging has advantages over photography as it presents a consistent image with no imperfections. It can also negate the costs of potentially expensive postproduction photography making it a desirable choice.
Our Clients

Below is just a sample of some of the companies we have had the pleasure to do work for.

  • wyldsson-elite-nutrition

    Wyldsson Elite Nutrition

    Client since: October 2015

    We make clean, healthy foods that taste great. They’re special, because we use remarkable ingredients, from all around the world. If you’re looking for healthier, cleaner foods that actually do taste great then you’re in good company.

  • ahmad-tea-london

    Ahmand Tea London

    Client since: March 2015

    Ahmad Tea is a UK-based family business, drawing on four generations of tea blending and tasting experience. Founded on a passion for the finest tea, we are dedicated to the unique place that tea drinking commands at the heart of daily life in Britain and beyond.

  • vosene


    Client since: April 2015

    Keeping the families who use our products at the heart of everything we do, we have listened to your feedback - the result is a completely new look and feel to your favourite children's hair care products.

  • eq-nutrition

    EQ Nutrition

    Client since: 2013

    The EQ journey started in the dusty recesses of the gym in 2009 where our founders were tired of settling for over hyped, expensive second rate supplements that were out there on the market. Read more at...

  • smart-nutrition

    Smart Nutrition

    Client since: January 2015

    SMART Nutrition is a supplementation company who have an intelligent, ethical and holistic approach towards health. With a combination of exercise, nutrition and wellness methods, SMART Nutrition develop nutrient dense, high potent formulas backed by scientific research.

  • ufit


    Client since: March 2015

    Whether you’re on the move, busy at work or pushing yourself hard at the gym, it is essential that you are consuming adequate levels of protein to help you preserve your strength, restore your energy levels and repair your hard working muscles.

  • lacka-foods

    Lacka Foods

    Client since: March 2015

    Lacka Foods is a lifestyle health food & drink company specialising in nutritional convenience. Our core values of trust, care and integrity are underpinned by our relentless passion to make a difference and change lives.

  • the-protein-works

    The Protein Works

    Client since: 2014

    THE PROTEIN WORKS™ is an original and innovative sports nutrition brand that we created out of our passion for sports nutrition and a vision to raise the bar in terms of product quality and level of service for sports nutrition customers.

  • reflex-nutrition

    Reflex Nutrition

    Client since: 2009

    Reflex Nutrition was started in 1996 by James Phillips with the sole aim of producing the finest supplements available; in our eyes that means perfection with no equal.

  • tyler-packaging

    Tyler Packaging

    Client since: 2004

    Tyler are specialist suppliers of paper & plastic flexible packaging to human food, pet food, garden & leisure and industrial products. Founded in 1982, the company has developed a customer base worldwide servicing many different markets and applications.


    We very much work with you to achieve the desired look of your packaging, wheather thats ultra realistic or an artistic reprensetation of the final product.

    We will ensure your 3D Packaging matches both your commercial and budgetary requirements.

    1. Free Consultation

    1. Free Consultation

    To establish your complete needs and thereafter define the required Workflow and associated render costs.
    2. Request Artwork Files

    2. Request Artwork Files

    We ask you to send us your original artwork for the 3D renders in either Press Ready PDFs, Adobe Illustrator or layered Photoshop files.
    3. Low Res Render

    3. Low Res Render

    At this stage, we will email you a low resolution render for approval before final high resolution versions are produced.
    4. Final 3D Renders

    4. Final 3D Renders

    We will email you a link to donwload your final high resoltion 3D renders.

    Pulse8 3d Befast Breakfast Drink
    Pulse8 3d Lamosca Sambuca
    Pulse8 3d Reflex R Drink
    Pulse8 3d Stuka Berg Josef Meiers
    Pulse8 3d Ufit Pro Protein Drink
    Pulse8 3d Ufit Protein Drink
    Pulse8 3d Vosene Shampoo 2
    Pulse8 3d Vosene Shampoo
    Pulse8 3d Chapelwood Suet Pellets
    Pulse8 3d Pack Mate Drp
    Pulse8 3d Reflex Nexgen
    Pulse8 3d Reflex Protein R Bars Cherry
    Pulse8 3d The Protein Works
    Pulse8 3d Aatu Dog Food
    Pulse8 3d Chapelwood Bird Food
    Pulse8 3d Charlie Little Dog Food
    Pulse8 3d Eq Nutrition Massprotein
    Pulse8 3d Eq Nutrition Preworkout Sachets
    Pulse8 3d Eq Nutrition Preworkout
    Pulse8 3d Huel Foods
    Pulse8 3d Muscle Mouse Protein
    Pulse8 3d Myprotein
    Pulse8 3d Peacock Rice
    Pulse8 3d Pure Nutrition
    Pulse8 3d Reflex Protein R Bars
    Pulse8 3d Smarttec Nutrition
    Pulse8 3d Tyler Packaging 2
    Pulse8 3d Wilko Lawn Feed
    Pulse8 3d Wyldsson Bar Mix
    Pulse8 3d Wyldsson Sports
    Pulse8 Cnp Wiggle Nutrition
    Pulse8 Tyler Packaging
    Pulse8 3d Ahmad Tea Tin
    Pulse8 3d Ahmad Tea
    Pulse8 3d Reflex Protein Coffee
    Pulse8 3d Vosene Kids Tubs
    Pulse8 3d Chapelwood
    Pulse8 3d Eq Creatine Mints Nutrilean Strengthsurge
    Pulse8 3d Pure Nutrition
    Pulse8 3d Reflex Nutrition 2
    Pulse8 3d Reflex Nutrition
    Pulse8 3d Smart Nutrition
    Pulse8 3d The Protein Works
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